You know I’m Fabulous right? So Why am I losing weight?

I’ve been a big girl my whole life and I’ve always been proud of being a big girl why because I’m fabulous. I’ve always been able to tell people my height, weight and shoe size. Why because I’m fabulous. I’ve always been able to wear clothes nicely and wear them well why because I’m FA BU LOUS. When I walk into a room other people call me Diva before I call myself DIVA why because I’m Fabulous but guess what, If I don’t get the weight off I’ll have more problems than me not being able to wear my 4 inch heels because my feet hurt. LOLOL Right now there is nothing wrong with me. I don’t have Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, none of that and I’d like to keep it that way. In order for me to do that I need to get this weight off before I get older and see these things occur. So through the years I’ve neglected my weight and I’ve neglected my weight because I’ve always embraced my fat and owned it and used it to my advantage and I was FABULOUS for it, LOL! But now I’m getting older and a change has got to come and it’s got to come for good! I weighed 333.8lbs; I would like to see what 180lbs looks like on this sista! So with that said I want to lose 183.8lbs.

Being able to meet Dr. Phil and get realistic weight loss help would definitely help me with actually getting this fat off. Now don’t get me wrong, I can say fat because I’m fat and GORGEOUS. Every day I try to put photos of me on my Facebook page of how gorgeous I am so people can see just because I’m big it doesn’t mean that I’m not sexy or gorgeous. I’m very active and can move with the best of the little girls. One of my sayings is ” Don’t let the fat girl fool you, because I can move”. When people hear me say the word fat they say don’t say that and I say to them listen here, it is what it is because I’m gorgeous. You have the problem not me. But again I’ve come to the decision that in order for me to be able to rise to my greatest potential (because I am destined to be great) I must absolutely get this weight off. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my voluptuousness but it should be in the right places. I’m like Niecy Nash when she was on Dancing with the stars when she said “I like my Jiggly Parts” LOLOLOLOLOLOL !

I’ve lost weight before on this crazy diet called the milk/bead diet and guess what? I gained it all back, why because I started eating all the wrong things and I got a man and whenever we went out I was eating.   I don’t mind my weight but it’s not healthy either. Why because I’m always tired, and I’d like to shop in the little girls stores too, how bout that???? I crack my friends up when shopping with them because they know I’m gonna mess with the sales girls about not having my size. LOL!

I started being on my way to fit 11/01/2011 at 345lbs.  I was featured on the Dr. Phil Show and received The brand spanking new weight loss plan called The Pink Method created by Cynthia Pasquella, Nutritionist.  Since then I’ve lost 63.8lbs To date! The Plan is based on essential weight loss principals eating CORRECTLY and exercise!!!  I’ve been following the plan and guess what? The Plan WORKS!  No this is not an endorsement site for The Method; however since this is what I am doing to lose the weight while you guys are tracking my progress I figured I’d mention it.

Ok so with that said, getting this weight off and keeping it off would be put me on cloud 99999999 and would be an awesome accomplishment!  Like many of you weight loss has been the bane of your existence for YEARS but now it’s time for a change!  So let’s take this Journey together!  STAY WITH ME I’M ON MY WAY SOMEWHERE!


10 thoughts on “You know I’m Fabulous right? So Why am I losing weight?

  1. You go girl… you look more fab every week. I just started and lost 12 pounds. I’m on my way. Can you share some of you recipes? We luv ya..

    • Thank you!!! You are on your way dear! 12lbs is Awesome! Soon it will be 20 and then 30 and however much you want it to be! Keep going! So as far as recipes whenever I try new recipes I’ll post them. Right now I am still playing my eating safe sticking with basics. Veg, lean proteins and good carbs but I will be posting. Thank you for replying and keep checking me out! Feel free to share too!

  2. Hey hun your message is an inspiration to me & others. I have type 2 diabetes & battle with some if the same things you mentioned in your blog. Right now I’m on a 1200 calorie diet my doctor recommended & lost 2lbs so far. For me it’s hard, but for my age it’s sad I’m dealing with this & have been for a few years. Stay encouraged, I love your Diva personality, and God bless.

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