Yes It’s One Year Later! An Ultimate Milestone

Don’t worry this is the old me, Whew I was big! But ain’t I Gorgeous though??? I’m Just Sayin…

Well It is official!  Exactly one year ago I was chosen by Dr. Phil to be given the opportunity to try out a new weight loss system by the wonderful Cynthia Pasquella called the Pink Method (  Since being on The Pink Method I have lost 85.5lbs.  My initial weight was 345lbs and my current weight is 259.5lbs.  Needless to say, I am very very very proud of my accomplishment.  No I am not finished.  I preferably have about 80 more pounds to go or at least 60.  As you know I’ve lost weight before but this time it’s for real.  Nothing says accomplishment like working hard at something you’ve wanted for such a long time.

The best thing about my weight loss is that I am getting healthier.  You may also remember, my health was never a problem which is why I said HEALTHIER.  Even at 345lbs and FA BU LOUS and GOR GEOUS I was never diagnosed with health issues, you know the culprits:  High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease.  Nope I was never diagnosed for them, however I was at EXTREME high risk for them.  I had also realized that I was in my 30’s and their was no way I was going into my 40’s weighing in at 300 plus pounds.  We all know it’s harder when we get older so I had to take care of it now.

My issue was never not knowing how to eat or how to exercise, I knew and know EXACTLY how to do both of those things, my issue was putting that knowledge into action.  When losing weight we always come up with excuses as to why we don’t get our butts into gear and just do it.  This past year has taught me that making excuses is exactly what I was doing all these years and that’s MAKING EXCUSES.  We eat because we want to not because we didn’t know how to do so.  We don’t exercise because we are lazy not because we don’t know how to do so.  This year has really put old man WILL POWER to the test.  I had a goal to reach and it was my desire to reach that goal and in the end what you get is RESULTS.

Throughout this year trust me it has not been easy.  There were some “stuck” moments that lingered for a while whereas I didn’t lose weight for months.  There were some “I don’t wanna” moments, whereas I didn’t want to exercise I didn’t want to eat correctly and I didn’t want to drink my water.  There were some “get out of my face” moments where the people around me would chastise me for being incorrect and I would tell them leave me alone and get out of my face.  LOL!  My advise to anyone would be when you get those moments DO NOT give up because if you do you could also be giving up on yourself, your health and your will to want better for you.

I am energized and ready to hit my 100lb mark and then my 230’s mark and then my Onederland (To be back in the 100’s weight) mark while all sharing it with you.  I know I’ve been scarce but this summer I got busy and then never really picked back up when the fall started.  But I am woman enough to admit that so, Please please please share and subscribe because I have more tips, tricks and more encouragement coming your way.  I am just an ordinary person trying to do an extraordinary thing and that’s teach people to be healthy.  I Love you for Reading!!!!!

Shout out to Dr. Phil for kicking me in the butt and Cynthia Pasquella for continuing to encourage me via email, phone calls and Facebook. 


3 thoughts on “Yes It’s One Year Later! An Ultimate Milestone

  1. awesome job! i wished i would have stuck with it along with you- when it first started and i first saw you on Dr. Phil- ordered me the PINK Method and started the program-things went great- then i had to have surgery- and have gained since then… CONGRATS to you! new year coming up and hopefully a NEW me!

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