My “Encouraging” or “Not So Encouraging” Words from Whoopi Goldberg — You Decide?

Whoopi Responded

Full Figured Fabulous And On The Way To Fit

Well Hello everyone….

I want to tell you all about my “encouraging” or “not so encouraging” conversation from Whoopi Goldberg during my recent visit to the The View. I wrestled with whether or not I should blog about this incident. But in any event here it is….

So, today (April 2, 2012) I was an audience participant in a showing of The View. Now you all know that while I was there, I was just being myself. If you know me you know what that entails… Tee hee :). If you don’t know me, well, that just means I was just being my bright and bubbly self :-).

So, on with the visit!

It was very cold in New York at 8 a.m. this morning outside of the ABC studios. After waiting outside in the cold for an hour, we finally were able to come inside and stand in…

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