Weightloss on the Cheap…FABULOUSLY!

Weight Loss on the Cheap

A weight loss journey can become a little expensive. Yeah no it can be a lot expensive!  It involves changing your eating habits and incorporating natural healthier foods. You have to workout more often and be diligent about it.  Produce (fruit, veggies) is expensive and a gym membership costs about $30-$80 per month. Nonetheless, being on a journey doesn’t have to break your pockets.  My finances have been slated for essential bills, i.e. rent, gas and electric, car and phone.  Anything else is EXTRA and becomes a sacrifice.  Gym membership – EXTRA, Whole Foods – EXTRA!  (My friends that really know me, know how i’m saying EXTRA, I’m being real EXTRA about it, Tee Hee, LOL). But just because you may not be able to afford the gym or Whole Foods doesn’t mean you have to fall off the wagon and can’t continue and complete your journey.  Try these few tips to keep it going on the Cheap…and FABULOUSLY!


Remember when you began your journey?  You stocked your fridge and bought everything fresh!  You just had to buy everything organic because you thought it would add to your weight loss journey better than the food you got from say an ALDI or Shoprite.  Pish Posh!  Not so!   Go to your local grocery store and shop smart.

  • T’aint nothing wrong with Frozen Veggies – It’s nice to have fresh veggies but when you are on a budget it’s OK to buy frozen.  Pictsweet Steam’able’s are usually on sale and inexpensive.  Sometimes $.88 per bag and about 2 servings per 14oz bag.
  • ALDI’s Fit & Active brand yogurt is normally $.39 per cup.  That’s $3.90 for 10 cups.  You can have breakfast and a snack for at least 5 days.  You can’t beat that with a bat!
  • Drink your tap water!  You can save on Brita and bottled water by using what you have.  Now If you just can’t stomach it, Walmart has water enhancer liquids for as low as $2.34 per bottle.  All you need 1 serving (a squirt) per gallon and your water will taste amazing! Or just use some good ole lemon slices, does wonders.


I’m sure you know there are many many many ways to get your work out in on the cheap.  But alas I must tell you because Weight loss on the Cheap wouldn’t be complete If I didn’t tell you of free ways to workout.  Like to hear it, hear it go…

  • Walk – The most common way to stay active is just simply, get up and walk.  If you live close to your job, leave the car at home and walk.  You might see a cutie that may wink at ya along the way ;-).
  • Take the stairs – If you work in an office building walk at least one flight.  If you can run the flight, by all means run.  Doing this will help you increase your endurance and your butt will thank you.
  • Bust out the old videos – Dust off those oldies videos you dumped for your fancy gym pass and bust a move in your living room.  Remember using the air conditioning is cheating so make sure you sweat it out.
  • There’s an app for that – We live in the age of ON DEMAND and Smart Phones and Game Consoles.  So…use those avenues to help you lose weight.  There are several workout and fitness apps that you can use where ever you are throughout your day.  Turn your office into a work out area, while you’re out dancing incorporate some fitness moves from an app you find helpful.  Get it done, by any means necessary.


And we must always remain FABULOUS on our journey.  Just because you don’t have much money doesn’t mean you have to look like it.

  • Go Vintage – Thrift Shops are good places to find fabulous clothes that you can pair with pieces you already have.
  • Beat Face – There is nothing wrong with making sure your makeup is flawless when your funds are low.  Eyes Lips Face and BH cosmetics have amazing quality make up on the cheap. Or you can check your local beauty supply store.  The Ruby Kisses Cosmetics line is just as good as MAC and gives you a flawless clean look.
  • Cinch Cinch Cinch – You may have clothes that are too big because you’ve lost so much weight! Yay! What to do with them? Use old blazers as outer jackets with colorful Pashmina’s for pop and a belt to give yourself a nice silhouette.

So now that you’ve gotten a few tips on making your weight loss journey a little lighter on your wallet, GO, lose weight and be FABULOUS while you’re doing it 😉


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