I don’t need 15 minutes I just need 7.5…I’m just sayin

Full Figured Fabulous And On The Way To Fit

Pink Dress Rhenotha

Guess Who got tickets to the View???? Meeeee! 🙂

So about 3 weeks ago right after my Whoopi post by God’s own design…I mean really!  This wasn’t nothing but Jesus Himself.  I got an email from the Audience Department confirming that my wait was over and that I am on the list for tickets to be in the audience of The View.  

Everyone knows the waiting list for tickets for the show can take you years!   When I went last year my bootleg auntie gave me a ticket to go with her.  And look at God now, to go ahead and send me tix right after my most recent blog post.  Well la ti da!


Looks like an opportunity is presenting itself for me to be in front of some important folk yet again!  Whoopi tweeted me then and…

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