Fullfigured Feet


So It’s no secret, I’m tall so I have big feet.  My feet caught up with my age when I was 8.  Every year after that my feet grew.  So yes when I was 9 I wore a size 9 shoe and when I was 11 I wore a size 11 shoe and so on and so forth.  I actually wore my mother’s shoes.  They finally stopped growing when I turned 12, yay me!  At present I wear a size 12/13 and depending on the shoe or brand or style it’ll definitely be a 13.  With that said, it is very hard for me to find fabulous, inexpensive shoes.  Everyone always says, you have to buy good shoes, they’ll last you.  Not in my case, I tear up every shoe I wear, affordable or high end, it doesn’t matter I’ll tear them up.  I’m a hard walker, what can I say, sheesh, but I digress.

Finding cute shoes are a daunting task, emphasis on CUTE!  You can be wearing a brown paper bag or a burlap sack.  If you have on a gorgeous shoe, it doesn’t even matter, heads will turn!  Shoes are a statement and the right shoe is an even bigger statement. The influx of the online market has helped but even in the online market a size 12 is hard to come by.  Online shoe bargain stores like SHOE DAZZLE only go up to a size 11. That is absolute Lunacy! However they are out there.  Just because you have big feet doesn’t mean you should have to wear what’s left on the rack.  Below are a few of my go to stores for my Full Figured Feet :).   Hope my list helps 🙂 

#Shoe Shopping Tip – Larger shoes go fast.  Note the shipment days for your local brick and mortar shoe stores so you’ll be the first to get a crack at the larger sizes.  

www.payless.com – Payless is affordable and goes up to a size 13 and have become quite trendy over the years.  Don’t sleep on  Payless I turn heads all the time and when asked where I get my shoes from, the response is always “Payless, why pay more dear”. Emphasis on deeeaar, LOL! I’m full of drama 🙂

www.torrid.com – I found out about Torrid in 2010.  I was shocked to find this website and even more shocked when I found out they had a location in Jersey!  Torrid is trendy, they have awesome clearance sales and they go up to a size 13 as well.

www.dsw.com – We all know DSW.  They have high end shoes for less and they also go up to a size 13.

www.dragqueenshoes.com – So one year I needed a good black pump and I couldn’t find one anywhere.  So I thought to myself, SELF, where would the Drag queens get their shoes and I got to googling.  Honey I found this website.  You can get classic, affordable staple shoes from this website in any size, color, and heel height.  Disclaimer:  It is a drag queen website so they sell other thangs too. Lingerie, costumes, etc…

So I hope these sites help us plus sized feet folk get more fabulous shoes for our feet.  

#Weight Loss Tip of the week – If you’re feeling lazy about working out, try  doing a 7, 8, or 10 minute workout.  These workouts are designed for you to feel an all over workout in just a short amount of time and boost your metabolism.  You’ll feel accomplished and hopefully it’ll motivate you to stick to it.  Check out an article by Huffington Post here




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