Star Jones vs. Ruben Studdard

SurgeryThis post may make some people angry.  But I feel like I need to speak on it.  So let me apologize for being critical because I’m gonna go there.

My gorgeous, beautiful and talented younger cousin Shene’ is 21 years old and in the past 10 or so years, she has gradually been gaining weight.  Today she is at her highest weight of 250lbs and she’s 5 feet 2 inches tall. She recently went to the doctors office and the Dr. recommended that she get the Gastric Sleeve.  Really? The Gastric Sleeve Doc? I disagree.  My main reasoning for disagreeing is because she’s only 22 years old.  She is young and definitely capable of losing the weight and keeping it off.  The bottom line is, she loves food and just needs to love food from a distance and love it responsibly.  I think this doctor is careless and is just throwing surgery on a situation that can be helped naturally.  Please believe, my little cousin does not have self esteem issues.  She’s actually a wonderful amazing make up artist and a diva in her own right.  I just know that she can do it on her own without being cut.

As you know, Star Jones opted to get surgery to lose her weight and she has been able to keep it off wonderfully so kudos to her.  On the flip side, you know that Ruben Studdard was a contestant on The Biggest Loser.  He didn’t win but he is determined to lose the weight and lose it naturally.  While he was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy emphatically suggested and encouraged Ruben to get some sort of surgery.  He said,

“I was raised to believe that I can do all things through Christ, and I have to stand firm on that belief.  And I feel like taking the easy route is not something I should do.  I should take responsibility for my health and get in the gym and work it out.” 

This is exactly what I told her.  She can do it, she just has to push back from the table and work it out! 

Most bariatric (weight loss) surgeries require that you lose a few pounds before you get the surgery.  If you have to lose some of the weight before the surgery, you may as well keep going.  Am I crazy or is that too much like right?

When you get these surgeries, there are many restrictions that come with it.  You definitely have to change your life style in order to maintain your weight loss.  So if you have to change your eating habits any way, just do it without being cut.  Am I crazy or is that too much like right?

Just like all surgeries there are complications and risks that come with it.  So instead of just doing the hard work and eating less and moving, you’d rather have a surgery and put yourself at risk?  Am I crazy or is that too much like right?

To those who think you are at your last resort, no you are not.  You can beat this battle naturally and maintain it.  I believe in my cousin Shene’ and I believe in you.  Let’s go!

It’s tight but it’s right.



One thought on “Star Jones vs. Ruben Studdard

  1. I’ve had weighloss surgery 3 yrs ago. While I do not regret it for myself I would NOT advise this excerpt as a last resort. I am now 55yo and have gained some of my lost weight back. Not because I’m lazy or over eat, but because of the many issues in my life right now it has been difficult to focus on myself. My story and my opinion on weightloss surgery is very detailed. I thank God for sparing my life and bringing me through; bottom line, whatever you choose to do requires work.

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