Being Mary Jane’s Views on being Thick – I AGREE – Thick Vs. Overweight


So I’m sure while everybody else was wondering who the heck is Mary Jane’s maintenance man I was inspired by the the first 6 minutes of Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 3.  The opening focused on Mary Jane’s Niece Niecy and it touched on the subject of being Thick vs. Overweight.  Yes I’m “thick” and Yes i’m saying it, I AGREE with Mary Jane.  Let’s review the script shall we.

 Mary Jane: This conversation is about your health, about Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure

Niecy: I am Healthy, I’m just Thick!

Mary Jane:  No no no, Do not get me started on the whole, I’m thick conversation!

Niecy: Oh please get started, please.

Mary Jane: Ok, Why does every overweight black woman in the hood (shade) think she’s thick? We don’t eat well, we don’t exercise, and then we justify our diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure by saying I was born this way, God made me 60lbs overweight, and you know what, it’s all fun and games until you lose a foot at 40 from diabetes messing around trying to be an a** model on Instagram, ain’t nobody gonna call ya thick when you got three toes left.

This was a mouthful and it was tight but it’s right. I love this episode and it’s truth.  Am I fat shaming, no, but us “thick” girls have got to come to the realization that yes we are beautiful but at 5 foot 6 inches tall and a size 22+ is not thick but it’s a heart attack and health issues lying dormant waiting to happen.  We sugarcoat and pussy foot around the issue day in and day out thinking, because we can dress it up with a fitted dress, some make up and a bad shoe that it’s ok, not so! Our HEALTH is at stake!

I bet a few of you are most likely focusing on the fact that it’s a thin person telling Niecy that she needs to lose weight. Well how about this, I’m a “thick” Full Figured Fabulous and on the way to FIT person saying it’s time to lose some weight.  I know I know You look good, but can’t you walk up them stairs? But we have plus size stores, aren’t you tired of putting on that squeam and waist cincher and having it cut into your skin and about to pass out because you can’t breathe? If we get healthy these won’t even be a factor!  Even better if we lose weight we’ll be at less of a risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. I’m not saying I’m just saying!  I’m just telling the Truth and shaming the devil.  In  the mean time I’m working on it.  Ok, I’m done.

Let me know what do you think, I’m a big girl I can handle it.


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4 thoughts on “Being Mary Jane’s Views on being Thick – I AGREE – Thick Vs. Overweight

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this topic. There was a time in the not too distant past that I was in denial about how I felt about the thick vs. Obese thing. However, when you keep graduating from size 12 to 16 and then 16 turns into 24 and we all know most plus size stores stop at 24 and then there’s no where else who’ll take our big asses after that, you can’t ignore it anymore. Well I’m gonna tell the truth about me. I’m currently undergoing treatment for Bariatric surgery. I got myself into this fat suit and no I don’t mean phat fat either. MaryJanes writers had it dead right on the nose. We African American women can’t afford to pretend anymore. But I also believe its not what you say its how its said. If someone who cares about me discusses the issue with me with genuine consideration for my well being, I’ll know it and feel it. When I was a child and my mother fat shamed me in front of my friends thinking it would be the impetus for me to change, it didn’t work. In fact it made me dig my heels in more to show her,guess what, I’ll eat more and embarrass you by being your fat daughter u can’t control. Yea that didn’t work so well for me either. Not so fun being teased in grade school for your weight. Then when puberty set in,I went to the other extreme. I basically didn’t eat at all. We thought anorexia was just for White girls? Nope, we just put a different sticker on it while losing weight and getting praised for it. Then when we mature and realize, its not about how everyone else views us,bcuz now our weight isn’t just a social, esthetic or family issue. It has now started to affect our health. The first time a doctors visit turns into “The Talk” you thought you’d escaped all those years before now words like diabetes, high cholesterol come up. Anyway, now simply fitting into a size is not important. Now our very lives are at stake. So ladies, I’ve chosen well that’s a lie. I didn’t choose it. I’ve ignored the signs of how I’ve ruined my health through out the years and now my docs are insisting I get this surgery asap or else don’t see 50. Well,the choice was easy for me but don’t be me. Handle those not so loving love handles before they handle you. Peace,love and bacon grease lol.

  2. Hello! I am new to blogging and this is a topic that I actually plan to cover. I love that you included that episode of Being Mary Jane, I really enjoyed the way that the opening scene played out. I enjoyed your post as well, it gave me a lot of insight. Thank you!

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