The Afro is REAL

Liiiiiisten!! Remember when I got sick a little over 2 years ago and noticed my hairstrocity due to my medication Lovenox (blood thinner injection)? If not you can check out that article In Other News Lovenox and My Hair.  

In a nut shell, I reported that Lovenox was the cause of my hair loss even though Lovenox denies it as a symptom.  I even asked my Hematologist and he said I was getting old!!!! The Nerve of that Handsome Gorgeous, Dr.James Orsini to insist that my hair loss was due to old age!!  Well I was correct, Lovenox SNATCHED ME BALD YALL!  It’s 2 years later and my afro is back! 

I was on Lovenox for 9 months so as you can imagine it created a lot of damage.  I was in denial for a while but when I figured it out I realized I needed to put my hair away until it grew back.  I tried braids, but my hair was so damaged that the parts in my hair were very far a part and she/me didn’t want to look like a bald head snatched chicken.  I tried sew-ins but you know how that can be, smelly.  And then, Last Summer I was in the Home Depot.  I’m kind of tall (5’11) so as a I looked at the top of this cashier’s head I could see she had a weave in her hair but it wasn’t a sew in.  I asked her, Giiiirl, what’s going on up there?? She said it’s a crotchet!!! A what??? Baaaaaaby, since then I’ve been wearing crotchet braids..  With Crotchet Braids, my hair is able to breathe and not be smelly and I can wear the hair in a style that doesn’t make me look like a bald head chicken.  Well the braids allowed my hair to grow back.  It was touch and go there for a minute but my afro is back.  

Below you can clearly tell that my hair was broken.  My hair was thin and straggly and the texture even changed.  

Hair Collage

Since then I’ve BC’d my hair to get rid of the old hair after making sure I had some substantial growth.

Image (7)

Now a naturalnista knows that you can’t possibly wear a fro everyday and it not get tangled and cause breakage, so with that said before I go back to my crotchet braids, feast your eyes on this AFRO!!! BOOM! May 2015. This hair is thick and healthy not that Lovenox ridden hair. Honey the AFRO IS REAL!!

Image (7)

Photo Credit: Paryss Dowling

If you’ve been on Lovenox and your hair has fallen out, Lovenox is the reason.  I urge you to call up Sanofi – Aventis (The manufacturer of Lovenox) and report it. Reporting it increases the chances of Lovenox putting Hair Loss on the Symptoms list.  If you don’t report it they’ll still claim that it is not a symptom. 

Sanofi US 55 Corporate Drive, Bridgewater, NJ 08807, Tel: 800-981-2491 –


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