Excited about Red Band Society Starring The Fabulous Octavia Spencer


Fox introduces a new show entitled the Red Band Society and I like it, I like It, I really Like It! Steven Spielberg got it right!

This show is funny, entertaining and smart.  The premise of Red Band Society is a pediatric wing of a hospital where the children have been residing for quite sometime where  the show illustrates the children’s adventures throughout the hospital. I immediately wanted to see this show first because of the Full Figured Diva, Oscar Award winning Octavia Spencer (You go girl) and because the story interested me.  I don’t think there has been anything like it on network television.  This show is a must watch! Below is a run down of the characters and hopefully you’ll want to watch just like me. 

The residents of the hospital get into all kinds of antics, like getting a Dr’s Car from the hospitals Valet to by alcohol and taking advantage of the Medicinal Marijuana #shenanigans

Let’s talk aesthetics, the Hospital is gorgeous the rooms are elaborately decorated to suit the kids’ style

And you have all your cast of Characters:

  • Nurse Jackson played by Octavia Spencer is thee Nurse Ratchet that is kind of reminiscent of Dr. Bailey from Greys Anatomy who displays tough love.  She is brilliant!!!
  • Emma Played by – Ciara Bravo– Mousy Sweet young lady with an eating disorder.
  • Kara played by Zoe Levin– Your typical over the top Mean Girl/teenager that is extremely rude to everyone.  Who finds out she needs a heart transplant but she’s at the bottom of the waiting list because of her risky lifestyle.  
  • Handsome, gorgeous, scrumptious Dr. Jack McAndrew played by Dave Annable who is very reminiscent of McDreamy from Gray’s Anatomy that plays the main Dr. for he young people.
  • Leo – Charlie Rowe– Veteran Cancer patient that is kind of the glue that holds the red band society together.  
  • Dash played by Astro– Of course he play’s the role of the resourceful black child that’s friends with everyone.  
  • Charlie played by Griffin Gluck(Kid from Shonda Rhimes’ Private Practice) has lived in the hospital longer than everyone in the ward and Narrates the show from a Coma,
  • Brittany played by Rebecca Rittenhouseis a Clueless Newbie Nurse.  That’s all.
  • Ruben played by Griffin Dunneis the inappropriate rich, hippie, older gentleman that lives in the adult wing of the hospital befriended by some of the teens.
  • Jordi Polacios played by Nolan Sotillois the loaner kid cancer patient that just shows up to the hospital with no family and no help that is about to lose his leg. He adds a mystery to group.

With Glee going into it’s final season, prime time network television will need the tween and teen interest show.  This show is definitely that show.  It left me in tears and a smile on my face in the end.  I felt the humanity, I see teaching opportunities that will help today’s youth with their problems of insecurity and doubts.  I give this show a 10 hands down.  

Red Band Society Airs Wednesday Nights on Fox at 9pm EST but you can watch the 1st Episode Below



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