Being Booked In Your Detoured Situation


Merry New Year to you! I”ve made it, We’ve made it, you’ve made it to 2015 and we are thanking God for it! Listen in 2015 we have to seize every possible moment to be booked. We have to realize that any and everything we do has to be dedicated to our bookednessness. Yes I said Nessness and meant it.  My pastor started the year off with The Next Level Prayer Call Line with my church for 2 weeks and I ended off the 1st week with “Being Booked in Your Detoured Situation” highlighting a portion of the Joseph Story. I’ve decided to let this meditation be my 1st post for the year.  We all need to know that we are booked despite our situation! 

Singer/song writer Kelly Price started a phrase that changed my life from the moment I heard it. On the TV show R&B Divas the ladies were trying to get together rehearsal time for a show but at every turn Kelly Prices response was I’m booked. Now what does that have to do with Joseph? Stay with me I’m on my way somewhere.

Joseph was given a gift to interpret dreams that eventually left him in an unfavorable situation. You know the story, Joseph told his family that they would bow down to him and so they hated on him and threw him in a pit, he was found and sold.  What Joseph experienced was a detour. You’re probably experiencing this right now.

My story is just like yours.  I know when you were younger your dream for your life listed in this order: Go to School, Graduate from College, Get a Good Job with Benefits, Buy a house with a white picket fence, get married, you know the rest. But wait a minute it didn’t happen like that did it?  Nope life took you on a detour!!!!! That detour may have left you unemployed, underemployed, life threatening illness, death of a loved one or on a job that you thought was your dream but sabatoge kept meeting you left and right.  I mean detour!!!!!!

But guess what, that doesn’t stop you from being booked!!! Yeah I said it!!! Even in your detoured situation YOU ARE BOOK AND to quote Tamar Braxton “BOOKED TO CAPACITY”!

Just because you’re in a detoured situation doesn’t mean you stop the process to get YOU where YOU want to be!  Oh so you thought because you were not where you’re supposed to be that you couldn’t be used by God. Oh no you are booked!

Even in Jail Joesph was on assignment. He done got locked up. But when he got there the Lord was with him. He even found favor with the chief jailer. Who does that???? So you mean he’s in jail, respected by the folks in charge and still on assignment from God fulfilling his destiny? What???? Joseph Is booked in a detoured situation!!! If Joseph can be booked, I’m sure you can too.  I don’t know what detours life may have given you but it doesn’t mean you are stagnant it means you are booked!!  Oh and did you think that you have to be doing something on a grand scale in order to matter? No maam and no sir!!!

My God is big, so strong and so mighty, my God’s plans for me go beyond my Wildest dreams.  Are you ready to blow your own mind? Are you ready to shock the world? Are you ready to be the great you know you are? Then change your mindset. Just because your situation right now TO YOU doesn’t look like where you thought you’d be, doesn’t mean you won’t get there. You are booked!!!

Being booked is getting up and exercising even when you can’t afford your gym membership anymore.  Being booked is when you wake up every day and purpose to get ready FOR the day. Being booked is when you make an active decision to participate in your own success, like finishing up that album or finishing up that book or even studying for an assignment.  I’m booked every day I make preparation for my destiny.  Whether I’m preparing for my radio show or doing research for a blog article I AM BOOKED! Shux I’m booked right now sharing an encouraging word with you.

In 2015 the next time someone asks you. So what are you up to, don’t down play your detoured situation, your response should be…IM BOOKED and Booked to capacity HIS NAME IS JESUS!!! Being detoured may be the motivation you need to get to where you want to be! INDEED!!!!

My Prayer for you is this to ask for continued FOCUS on furthering your dreams even in our detoured situation. Whatever you put our hands and minds to let it be blessed in helping you to get booked to capacity.  And when you are booked to capacity thank God for the increase. Declare today that a detour does not mean denial but that trust Christ to get to your destiny.  In 2015 you are booked even in your detoured situation! Indeed!!!

This Post is based upon scripture reading Genesis 39:20-23, 40:4-8.  If you are interested in joining in on the daily prayer call line for some motivation check out the information below.  

The Next Level Prayer Call Line, initiated by Bishop Heber M. Brown, II, the Presiding Prelate of the Praise Covenant Interdenominational Fellowship and Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church of Baltimore County and Brown’s Chapel Freewill Baptist Church.  This prayer call line is Monday thru Friday from 6 a.m. to 6:10 a.m. so that we might come together in unity and prayer, to the glory of God. Thanks for joining us for a Call to Prayer; may God continue to bless and renew you as you receive the Word!  712-775-7031 Pin Number: 961223215


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