What is #ROWFIT35? I’m Tired of Being Tired


Well it’s 2015 and I got on the scale today and I was thoroughly not impressed and I’m sure you can tell by my photo’s that I am still very much “full figured”.  I’ll be 35 this year and like one of my good friends Taiesha, I don’t want to go into the other half of my 30’s fat.  Never-mind being 35 and still single, that doesn’t matter, I’m still fat and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat!  Yeah I said it!  I said it before and I’m saying it now! Yes I’m Full Figured Fabulous but I’m also supposed to be On the Way to Fit Remember?!  I’ve been working on the Fabulous part and not so much on the On the Way To Fit part.

I’ve told you before I know how to make FAT look good, I know how to use a girdle, I know how to pose and sashay chante’ , however comma, because I know how to do all of those things, the weight just crept back up and I didn’t care!  Because I was and I am fabulous!  So here we go again, I’m admitting that I am still fatabulous.  

You’re probably wondering well what’s different Rhenotha, why do you care now, What’s motivating you to get the weight off this time?   Lemme tell ya why I care…joint problems, gut is in the way, my side tire, can’t get up 1 flight of stairs without getting tired and I don’t want to be over 35 and fat so there!  With that said I’m not going to make this a long drawn out post but if you are in my same boat…

  • Have been on the slim down for more than 2 years and not slim yet…JOIN ME
  • Is hitting a milestone birthday year and not slim yet…JOIN ME
  • Have been the big girl all your life…JOIN ME
  • Settled on being the big girl all your life…JOIN ME

I’m not talking about surgery or starvation or pills, I’m talking about good old fashioned, life style changing, getting healthy natural weight loss.  Maybe you’re hitting a milestone year too.  Let’s get our Jennifer Hudson and Mo’Nique on and show OURSELVES that we don’t have to be unhealthy in 2015.

There is no way I’m going into the other half of my 3o’s fat! I’ve created a group to make myself accountable as well as others to also get motivated.  The Group is called #ROWFIT35 for Rhenotha Ophelia Whitaker on the way to being 35 and Fit!  So come on, join me, Post your meals, your workout plans, your zumba class, your successes with the hashtag #ROWFIT35!  You can join the group and Subscribe to #ROWFIT35 Weekly Motivation by clicking here. Can’t wait to see how WE all are doing! If I can Click Publish and actually post this post you can actually do yourself a favor and get healthy in 2015! Let’s Go!

Being Mary Jane’s Views on being Thick – I AGREE – Thick Vs. Overweight


Be sure to Join The Facebook Group #ROWFit35 On FACEBOOK For More Updates

© 2015 Rhenotha Ophelia Whitaker Full Figured Fabulous & On The Way To Fit



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